Artist of the Month – Feb 2010

Welcome to Simply ART Maungaturoto’s – Artist of the Month and this month has us featuring one of our own – local artist/sculptor GINNY TOD.

Ginny, a member of the Baha’i Faith, believes that our purpose in life is to grow and develop spiritually, both individually and collectively. Her work represents aspects of the spiritual journey. Ginny also has plans for a Gallery which is in the early stages of becoming a reality.

When Ginny closed her eyes and saw an image of a bird looking skyward, she had no idea that she was about to embark on a process that would take many years to complete and involve a fundamental shift in her whole way of thinking. Having set aside her love of sculpture after leaving Art School in 1979, she kept putting the image aside. When she could resist it no longer, she dug some clay from a cattle dam at the bottom of her rural property and began her search to reproduce the image.

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The Calling
A beautifully crafted solid bronze sculpture with a dark granite patina. It has angled lines and curvaceous features. The Calling is an indoor or outdoor sculpture. However, if it is placed outside its patina may be affected by the elements. The Calling represents the voice of the soul as it reaches beyond the heavens to it’s Beloved. The Calling is 35cms tall.


An exquisite and uplifting sculpture crafted in solid bronze with a forest green patina. It has stunning design features and beautifully detailed artwork. Descent is an indoor or outdoor sculpture. However, if it is placed outside, its patina may be affected by the elements. Descent represents the journey the Holy Souls (Abraham, Moses, Zoroaster, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Muhammad and Baha’u’llah) have made in order to connect with the seeker (the spirit who has called out). Descent is 1.05 metres tall.

An elegant bronze sculpture with a marble effect patina. The patina has been carefully removed from the top of the sculpture to reveal the beautiful bronze head. Reveal is an indoor sculpture as the patina is delicate and may be damaged if the sculpture is put outside. Reveal represents the process the soul goes through once the connection with the Holy Soul has been made. Reveal is 78cms tall.


2010 – Where Great Things Are Happening!

Its 2010 and already positive things have been happening everywhere and more so in our little neck of the woods with the “re”-launch of our Community Art website Simply ART Maungaturoto.  Sporting a modern and fresh look and now some talented artists displaying their work for all to see!

Last year Simply ART Maungaturoto was launched but lacked artist interest and on top of that timing may have been somewhat off with a recession breathing down every one necks and the busy season of Summer and Christmas looming in the horizon.  Its any wonder people weren’t interested.  But now that the hustle and bustle of the festive holiday season is over and another attempt at luring artists out of their hidey holes, we have managed to generate some interest…which is always a good thing.

Simply ART runs adjacent to Maungaturoto’s community website Real Town Maungaturoto which also has a page set aside for Maungaturoto Arts & Crafts giving artists another option to display.  Simply ART was built for artists by an artist with the hopes of bringing together the local and creative talents of our little town on the hill, giving them a space of their own to shine and get the word out to the greater community that there is a online facility for them to take advantage of.  Its not only for displaying but for advertising Art Workshops, Exhibitions, Press Releases for upcoming events, Announcements and so forth.  There is also an option for artists to sell their work from the website from their very own art page as whispers of a “Buy Now” option using PayPal’s secure online payment facility – is being implemented in the very near future.

The website was modeled from our coastal neighbors of Mangawhai – the Mangawhai Artists Association – taking a very simple and easy to use concept and design and refining it to suit the needs of our little community, giving it our own look and feel.  What are the aims of Simply ART Maungaturoto?

  1. To offer our local artists a space to display their work online to a larger audience
  2. To promote the creative talents of Maungaturoto Community and surrounding areas
  3. Free advertising for Established/Emerging Artists, Art Groups, Workshops, Exhibitions, Groups of Interest
  4. It will have a donation facility set-up for people to make small to medium sized donations which will go toward the maintenance of the website and other community activities supported by Simply ART Maungaturoto
  5. Bring local artists together and a chance to meet new people.

As time goes on Simply ART will no doubt change but for now we will be concentrating on attracting artists to join and use this free website.

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2009 People’s Choice Exhibition | Bennetts Chocolate Factory Mangawhai

Things have been a little slow on the art front as of late but over the Labour Weekend I went and visited the Peoples Choice Exhibition by the Mangawhai Artist Association, held at Bennetts Chocolate Factory in Mangahwai Village to see what artworks were on display.  Albeit a small exhibit there were nonetheless some great pieces and as with all things some that were…not so great.  As is the way of the art world.

Before I even began to wander around and get a good look at what was there one or two pieces immediately caught my eye the minute I walked through the door.  A painting by Glenis Trueman titled – Untouched – was a rich blend of greens depicting an untouched piece of native bush or forest.   Glenis is a self taught artist who began her career and journey as a painter four years ago specializing in  oils and creating a diverse range of subjects – portraits, landscapes and still life.

While managing to drag myself away from her fabulous painting I came across a copper and wood three tiered water feature which was magnificent and I can honestly say would have made any person (including myself!) very happy to have in their back-yard as a center piece.  The feature was worth a total of $3,000 and quite rightly so it was a beautifully sculptured piece.  Unfortunately I lack the memory of who the artists were which irks me to the nth degree.

My 12 year old daughter was immediately taken by a sketching of two Tui’s while my 13 year old was also absorbed in the the paintng by Glenis Trueman.  My partner who was also a big fan of the Untouched painting.

One other painting of the acrylic / textured kind caught my eye was by artist Gailene Marsden, with its wonderful blend of colors, amid musical notes.

Our vote as we were all handed a small piece of paper to write our choice on went to Untouched by Glenis Trueman.

All in all, although the exhibition was small it was to browse the artistic talents of Mangawhai.  My only regret was I never had my camera with to take some photos for show and tell.  You can however visit the Mangawhai Artist Association for a glimpse at some of the artists and their work –